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iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14: The New Features

When you are not using the iPhone and all of a sudden you see the two pictures of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15, you will feel like oh it’s the same but there might be some slight changes to fetch more money.

On the technology side, there are some extensive upgrades made in iPhone 15 over iPhone 14 starting from design, introduction of Dynamic Island in all models, processors, USB ports, and many more.

Design Changes:

  • Rear glass is a single piece for a cleaner look
  • Edges are a little contoured making it more handy
  • Bezels (borders between a screen and a phone’s frame) are a little thinner for a better ultra-modern look.

Colour differences:

iPhone14: Yellow, Midnight, Blue, Purple, Starlight, and Product Red

iPhone15: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Black finishes

The Dynamic Island versus the notch:

Dynamic Island a distinctive pill-shaped cutout that accommodates the front-facing camera and Face ID sensors. It’s an interactive interface that can adapt its shape and size to present various alerts, notifications, and other information.

For example, when you receive a notification, Dynamic Island expands to reveal the notification’s details. You get an option to either tap the notification to open it or swipe it away to dismiss it. Additionally, Dynamic Island offers controls for managing music playback, displaying battery status, and more.

Phone Type vs Dynamic Island Features

So let’s compare the differences between the iPhone 14 & iPhone 15 on the Dynamic Island feature.

  • iPhone 14: Not Available
  • iPhone 15: Available
  • iPhone 14 Plus: Not Available
  • iPhone 15 Plus: Available
  • iPhone 14 Pro: Available
  • iPhone 15 Pro: Available
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: Available
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: Available

Camera Features:

Apple’s new 48-megapixel camera sensor is a game-changer. It’s four times more powerful than the sensor in the iPhone 14, and it delivers stunning photos and videos in any lighting condition.

With the new sensor, you can capture more accurate colors, sharper images, and even more detail at night. You can also zoom in without losing quality, thanks to a new feature that uses the middle 12 megapixels of the sensor.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with the new 48-megapixel camera sensor:

  • Take professional-looking portraits with stunning bokeh effects.
  • Capture amazing low-light photos without any noise or grain.
  • Zoom in on distant objects without losing any detail.
  • Shoot 4K video at up to 60 frames per second for smooth and cinematic results.

New Chip for Better Performance:

The iPhone 14 has the A15 Bionic chip, while the iPhone 15 has the A16 Bionic chip

iPhone 14 will likely max out at iOS 21 in a few years, the iPhone 15 could get iOS 22 or 23, based on Apple’s history of software updates.

Battery Life:

Apple has confirmed that the batteries inside the new iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are larger than the ones in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. And when you combine that with the extra efficiency of the A16 Bionic chip, you’re looking at some serious battery life gains.

Apple claims that the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will have up to two hours more battery life than the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. That means you can stream your favorite shows, play your favorite games, and scroll through social media all day long without having to worry about running out of juice.

Port for Charging:

iPhone 15 is the USB-C port

You get the same charging and data transfer speeds using the same cable across all Apple and third-party devices.


Height of iPhone 14 & 15

 iPhone 15: 147.6 mm (5.81 in)

iPhone 14: 146.7 mm (5.78 in)

iPhone 14 Plus: 160.8 mm (6.33 in)

iPhone 15 Plus:  160.9 mm (6.33 in)

iPhone 14 Pro: 147.5 mm (5.81 in)

iPhone 15 Pro: 159.9 mm (6.29 in)

iPhone 14 Pro Max:  160.8 mm (6.33 in)

iPhone 15 Pro Max: 146.6 mm (5.77 in)

Width of iPhone 14 & 15

iPhone 15: 71.6 mm (2.82 in)

iPhone 14: 71.5 mm (2.82 in)

iPhone 14 Plus: 78.1 mm (3.07 in)

iPhone 15 Plus: 77.8 mm (3.06 in)

iPhone 14 Pro: 71.5 mm (2.82 in)

iPhone 15 Pro: 76.7 mm (3.02 in)

 iPhone 14 Pro Max: 78.1 mm (3.07 in)

iPhone 15 Pro Max: 70.6 mm (2.78 in)

Depth of iPhones :

iPhone 15: 7.8 mm (0.31 in)

iPhone 14: 7.80 mm (0.31 in)

iPhone 14:  Plus 7.80 mm (0.31 in)

iPhone 15 Plus: 7.8 mm (0.31 in)

iPhone 14 Pro:  7.85 mm (0.31 in)

iPhone 15 Pro: 8.25 mm (0.32 in)

iPhone 14 Pro Max: 7.85 mm (0.31 in)

iPhone 15 Pro Max: 8.25 mm (0.32 in)


Phone Model vs. Weight

iPhone 15: 171 grams (6.02 ounces)

iPhone 14: 172 grams (6.07 ounces)

iPhone 14 Plus: 203 grams (7.16 ounces)

iPhone 15 Plus: 201 grams (7.09 ounces)

iPhone 14 Pro      206 grams (7.27 ounces)

iPhone 15 Pro      187 grams (6.60 ounces)

iPhone 14 Pro Max             240 grams (8.47 ounces)

iPhone 15 Pro Max             221 grams (7.81 ounces)


So we have discussed about all the features you see in iPhone15 vs. iPhone14. I know many of my friends are very keen to upgrade their iPhones regularly. Keeping in mind it’s extensively increasing the electronic waste on earth and we can’t dispose of them completely, you may still need to think

Apple has discounted the 14 by $100, and that’s a pretty good deal on a phone with a modern design, great specs, good cameras, and all-day battery life. 

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