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iPhone 15

Does the iPhone 15 break easily?

In the world of smartphones, durability has become a pivotal factor for users when choosing their next device. Zack Nelson, renowned for his YouTube channel, is famous for putting smartphones through a battery of durability tests. His recent examination of the iPhone 15 Pro Max has sparked quite a conversation in the tech community. In this article, we delve into the results of his test, compare it to other iPhone models, and provide some essential insights for potential buyers.

Scratching the Surface

Zack Nelson commenced his rigorous examination of the iPhone 15 Pro Max with the selfie camera. Using a box cutter, he attempted to scratch it. To the surprise of many, the Ceramic Shield of the phone held strong, with no visible damage. This initial test showcased the robustness of the iPhone’s display.

Putting It to the Fire

Nelson then proceeded to use the box cutter on the phone’s side, effectively removing the PVD coating and exposing the titanium frame. Despite this, the iPhone 15 Pro Max survived unscathed. The Ceramic Shield and titanium frame proved their mettle in the face of sharp objects and abrasion.

A Bend Too Far

However, the turning point in the test came when Nelson used his fingers and thumbs to bend the device. To his astonishment, the back glass of the iPhone 15 Pro Max shattered. This unexpected result raised eyebrows, as iPhones have a reputation for durability.

Comparing Models

Intriguingly, the same bending test was performed on the smaller iPhone 15 Pro and the aluminum iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, and none of them suffered the same fate. This stark contrast highlights the unique vulnerability of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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A new video by Sam Kohl of AppleTrack suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro may be more prone to accidental drop damage than the outgoing iPhone 14 Pro. The video shows the two phones being dropped multiple times, and the iPhone 14 remains in apparently as-new condition, while the iPhone 15 Pro is completely trashed.

Kohl believes that the iPhone 15 Pro’s new use of titanium alloy may be the reason for its increased fragility. Titanium is more robust than stainless steel, but it is also more flexible. Kohl believes that the combination of titanium and the phone’s curved edges may make it more likely to transmit shock to the glass back, which is what causes it to crack.

However, Kohl also notes that it took multiple drops to do any significant damage to the iPhone 15 Pro in the video. He also points out that most users put their phones in cases, which will help to protect them from drop damage.

Overall, it is likely that the iPhone 15 Pro is still a durable phone, but it may be more prone to drop damage than the iPhone 14 Pro. Users concerned about drop damage should consider using a case with their iPhone 15 Pro.

Nelson’s durability test sent shockwaves through the tech community. A simple online search for “iPhone 15 Pro Max durability test” yields numerous articles discussing the phone’s alleged fragility. Given that this premium smartphone starts at $1,199, the results were concerning for potential buyers.

While it’s essential to consider that no one would intentionally try to damage their iPhone in everyday life, Nelson’s findings are still significant. They spotlight a potential weakness in Apple’s flagship model, especially when compared to its siblings in the iPhone 15 lineup.

As a new owner of an iPhone 15 Pro Max, you might wonder if you should be worried about these results. Here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t:

  1. Real-World Usage

In daily life, most people won’t subject their iPhones to the kind of extreme conditions that Zack Nelson did during his test. The average user treats their device with care and avoids intentionally damaging it.

  1. Protective Cases

Using a protective case for your iPhone is a practical recommendation. It safeguards your phone against accidental drops and protects it from scratches and other potential damages. A good-quality case can be your iPhone’s best friend.

In Conclusion

In summary, while the results of Zack Nelson’s iPhone 15 Pro Max durability test may be disconcerting, they aren’t a cause for concern for regular users who take routine care of their devices and use a protective case. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is still a powerful and capable device, and its performance and features remain unchanged.

Looking ahead, it’s likely that Apple will take the lessons learned from this test to improve the durability of future models. The iPhone 16 Pro Max, or whatever Apple names its next flagship, will undoubtedly undergo rigorous testing to avoid the embarrassment caused by the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s back glass shattering.

For now, rest assured that with proper care and protection, your iPhone 15 Pro Max can serve you well, delivering the exceptional Apple experience you expect. We are sure Apple will take up these issues and fix them to the next level.

Unfortunately, these tests are happening mostly on Apple devices and people are excited to see the results as well. Many YouTubers have started this strategy to get more views. In the real world any living or non-living thing, if you mishandle then no one can protect them.

Apple might have taken all steps to make it best but if you mishandle the products then it’s not something to blame Apple.

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